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Facebook Twitter Flipboard LinkedIn. Use your Magnesis on the chest in the water here for an iron sledgehammer. Next, you'll want to head to Koholit Rock and start climbing it. Once you arrive, try to sneak around and use stealth attacks when possible, but once you're noticed prepare for a fight. You're better off following the beach rather than heading into the woods, where dangerous fire chuchus live. If you're brave, let the archers fire at you several times before you take them out, so that you can grab the arrows they leave behind. The Hinox has the ball around its neck, and while there are a few ways to quietly get up there, the easiest is to stand in the creature's hand and wait for it to reach up and scratch itself.

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You don't get to keep anything you "find" on the island during the trial, and weapons you dropped from your own inventory and re-pick up will disappear forever when you're finished!

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I'm kinda stupid and actually fought the hinox which was really "fun". The rewards for Eventide Island are fairly minor, so it's best not to go there until late in the game, when you're much stronger. You're not told where to find any of these things, but the island isn't too big, so you shouldn't get lost.

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