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Without thinking I made some stupid remark about the intelligence of the girls she fucks, and it totally came out in such way that I implied she fucked a lot of different women, too. When she started to pull down my pants I mumbled her not to and practically pulled her back on top of me, and after a few seconds she realized what I wanted. Password: Forgot your password? She took my hands and intertwined her fingers with mine, holding on to me while she started to lick me in ways I never thought possible. We practically ran back home and she pulled me inside her apartment, where she pushed me against the wall and started fingering me while kissing me long and hard. When I realized she was with another woman, I made a sudden sound that wasn't at all sexy, but loud enough to be heard by Maria and her lover.

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Gloria. Age: 20.
latina lesbian first time

She told me to look at her when I threw my head back in pleasure, and once more when I did it again, this time actually pausing before I complied.

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Serena. Age: 31.
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When I saw her again the next day, we didn't speak about it. I live in a somewhat cheap apartment, and for years I had an old but thankfully not near-deaf man as my neighbor. Two minutes later we were making out in the back of the locker room, and she couldn't keep her hands off me.

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