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It's also OK to suggest anal and then realize once you've tried it out that you don't love it. While anal sex is certainly a taboo topic overall, I would argue that it's less acceptable to discuss in the lesbian and queer-lady community than it is among gay, bisexual, or queer men and among straight people. Let's start by debunking some myths and answering some questions about anal sex to help you get the ball rolling with your partner. Now that we know a little bit more about anal, you might be wondering: how do I, a woman who wants to try anal with my lady-lover, talk to said lady-lover about it? Was the conversation full of eye-contact or did you just stare at her boobs? Think back to the first time you told your partner about something you wanted in bed that maybe varied from your normal routine or had the potential to throw her off a little.

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Carly. Age: 32.
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Check out this nifty chart to brush up on your lubricant knowledge.

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Kassidy. Age: 23.
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So, since most people seem unwilling to talk about it, obviously the subject requires a little more open discussion than it gets, and a better depiction of who's participating. Bodies are for exploring, and as long as everyone involved is down with the cause, it's OK if it doesn't lead you to expected or desired results. It's true that, unlike the vagina, the anus doesn't naturally lubricate, making it harder to stick something in there without causing pain, discomfort, or tearing.

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