Images of the sperm whaling industry

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By Meghan E. Marrero and Stuart Thornton. Tuesday, November 1,

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Sperm whaling is the hunting of these marine mammals for the oil, meat and bone that can be extracted from their bodies. Sperm whalesa large and deep-diving species, produce a waxy substance that was especially useful during the Industrial Revolutionand so they were targeted in 19th-century whalingas exemplified in Moby Dick. Sperm oil is no longer needed, but another unusual product, ambergrisis still valued as a perfume fixative.

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Australian News Footage from the s: "The days of old-fashion whaling are gone. The invention of the harpoon gun and a ship design and construction coupled with efficient treatment methods have made modern whaling an industry capable of contributing much to the needs of mankind. Each year the guns of the chasers will crack, harpoons will hurdle out to bring quick death to hundreds of thousands of humpback whales that migrate from the bleak antarctic to the warm tropical seas. Each year, Western Australia will benefit from an industry that has waited for years for efficient exploitation by the Australian people.

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On the swells of the Sea of Cortez, everything looks like a whale. Lulled by disappointment, the rocking boat and general monotony, I drift into torpor. Then, less than half a mile away, a series of unmistakable spouts erupts, and bursts of exhalation carry across the water.

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The 19th-century whaling industry was one of the most prominent businesses in America. Hundreds of ships setting out from ports, mostly in New England, roamed the globe, bringing back whale oil and other products made from whales. While American ships created a highly organized industry, the hunting of whales had ancient roots.

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The Japanese observer was familiar with the business of whaling, having previously worked on Japanese fleets in the Antarctic. But it was the first time he had been on board with the Soviets. This year, he was working in the North Pacific, tasked with ensuring Soviet whalers followed international guidelines set out by the International Whaling Commission IWC.

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American whaling flourished from the late s through the mids. Commercial whaling began in the Atlantic, but as whale populations declined, the chase spread to the Pacific and Arctic oceans. Byoverfishing had decimated whale populations in the Atlantic Ocean.

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The inspiration for the white whale of Moby Dick, sperm whales have the largest heads, biggest brains, and make the loudest sound of any animal on Earth. Region: Arctic. Destinations: Lofoten, Greenland, Svalbard, Iceland.

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Sleeping dogs lie, but sleeping whales … "stand" on their tails? That was the scene recently glimpsed by a diver in the Caribbean, at least, when the photographer encountered a group of sperm whales napping together, all of them suspended tails-down in the water. Photographer Franco Banfi was free diving — underwater diving without a breathing apparatus — on Jan. Researchers first saw this unusual sleep behavior in sperm whales indescribing it in a study published in January of that year in the journal Current Biology.


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